Cheers to healthier lemonade!


Due to sip HEALTH


As a ripe lemon from Sicily, I was so complete to attract too much attention. I new I was to disappear. With no footprint! I did find quiet place in the hearth of Europe, where I decided to smuggle all the energy I bear and that I cannot hide any more.  The only way how to get there in the best shape was to let myself to cold press and to hit the road as a concentrate. This way I left low carbon footprint behind me. I keep all my super properties, high vitamin C content and all beneficial impacts in naturally sterile environment of Kerska limonadovna. I am ripe, and my impacts are well known:


·         When consumed regularly, I improve liver, kidney and hearth function

·         As well-known vitamin C carrier, I strengthen immune system

·         I support collagen formation that is so important in formation of bonding tissue 

·         I contain carotenoids, some vitamins of B group, pectin, Phosphorus, Potassium, Calcium, Iron and other trace elements

·         Flavonoids carried in my juice are known for strong antioxidative properties that are preventing cardio vascular diseases and other civilization illnesses

·         Surprisingly, I help to lower acidity of whole body


Nutritional ammunition in 100ml of ready to drink at dilution 1:7

Energy values                          88kJ, 21kcal

Fats                                            0g

Sacharides                               5,25g

   Beat sugar                             5,25g

Proteins                                     0g

Salt                                             0g

No allergens present.


LemonApe is cordial with 50% reduced amount of beet sugar comparing to competing lemonades. There are no artificial sweeteners and preservatives 


We all have a right to sip HEALTH!

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