Cheers to healthier lemonade!


Dry Fan


I cannot do anything about it. Though I´m hanging on the trees planted in sunny Sicily till full ripeness, there is no sugar inside me. Therefore I´m the best friend with sugar in beverages. Nevertheless, in LemonApe there is 50% sugar less than in competing beverage clans. There are those who like me as I am: full of nutrients and vitamins and – with almost no sugar added. All folk who do not like sugar or cannot consume it for dietary reasons find me in LemonApe BEZCUKR.  Also, this one is without any chemicals, preservatives and artificial sweeteners. Its balanced flavor reflects taste of three continents: Europe represents my own concentrate, South Asia be extract from Monk fruit and Africa constitutes extract from Kamfete fruit. So I am fully natural. Beside all these natural things I have also taken as a companion extract from Cucruma and Black Pepper to help you strengthen your column and related immune system. Oh boy, I´m so good! Good enough for diabetes diagnosed, too!  You´ll be surprised by full taste of LemonApe BEZCUKR and its vigor.




Nutrition ammunition of 100ml of ready to dring, diluted 1:7

Energy value                                   14,3kJ, 3,2kcal

Fats                                                    0g

Saccharides                                     0,85g

Sugars                                               0,75g

Proteins                                             0g

Salt                                                     0g


Does not contain allergens.

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